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m r s e r i n r e y n o l d s ___________________ ICONS.
24th-Feb-2009 08:31 am - Perfect Strangers: icons + wallpaper
larry & balki are <3
Perfect Strangers is 80's sitcom heaven. But simple words cannot describe the awesome, which is why I made icons.

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19th-Dec-2008 08:36 am - Marauderspam #3: icons + wallpapers
awkward sexual advances
Young Marauders! 47 icons, 7 wallpapers. And there was much rejoicing.

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10th-Dec-2008 08:52 pm - The Mist + Ghost Hunters
mal shadowy
8x Ghost Hunters, 13x The Mist icons.

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10th-Dec-2008 08:01 pm - Marauderspam #2: icons + wallpapers
eddie: la cucaracha!
The Marauder squeefest continues. 21 icons, 6 wallpapers.

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18th-Nov-2008 07:07 pm(no subject)
mal shadowy
Apologies about the long absence. I'm not dead. Just to prove it, here's a set of icons including some of my favorite actors, all of whom are extremely pretty. I've also included three wallpapers to beautify your desktop. Enjoy :)


[00-05] David Thewlis
[06-012] Gary Oldman
[013-017] Gillian Anderson
[018-020] Grace Kelly
[021-025] Jennifer Connelly
[026-030] Kate Winslet
[031-036] Matthew Macfadyen
[037-042] Rachel Weisz
[043-045] Robert Knepper

1x Grace Kelly
1x David Thewlis
1x Gary Oldman

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mal shadowy
More US Season one icons than you can poke a stick at; 125 in total. Enjoy :)


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mal shadowy
Big damn icon post. 138 icons in all.

[00-59] Whose Line Is It Anyway? (S1)
[60-100] House M.D. (S2 & 3)
[101-138] Firefly / Serenity


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mal shadowy
This little fanmix has been sitting around on my iTunes playlist for some time, and since I've finally come up with what I think is (finally!) a perfect list, I've decided to share it :) Most of the songs here are connected to the Marauder-era R/S, and there is a definite theme of lonliness/longing/nostalgia, etc., and a bit of foreshadowing to Sirius' death (more easily explained if you look at some of the lyrics). In my opinion it's a beautiful collection of songs that seem perfectly fitting for this ship... for reasons I can't easily explain. Enjoy :)


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